Some Disadvantages of Concrete StainsEdit


concrete stains are technology and ingenuity's gift to people who battle the odds of making their concrete floors and any kind of surface for that matter looking its best. There are just some factors that affect the look and nature of these stains. Factors include the ever changing weather, accidental color stains, damages and discolorations.

The emergence of concrete stain same with wood stains, were designed to really help maintain different types of surfaces. It also serves to repair and protect these surfaces from external damages in the long run. However, a lot of these stains are transparent, so it is not expected that these damages will be totally covered or will be lessened. We have to make sure as for concrete stains, in getting the most even surface output; we have to put in mind the total color of the concrete. As for wood stains, if the damages are evidently deep, we really can't expect magic to repair it wholly.


In applying these stains, we have to make sure we get the one that suits the kind of surface you wish to apply it to. Concrete stains and woods stains can only do so much in beautifying those surfaces, maintenance and proper care still has to be rendered to be assured of long term concrete or wood surface existence.

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